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Get a better grip on your game

PGA Pro-Am | Monday 25 June
Tim and I will be hosting the rain-delayed PGA Pro-Am on the 25th of June. The inaugural Rondebosch PGA Pro-Am was a big success last year and proved very popular with 124 golfers taking part. We have a similar size field already booked this year. The winning pro score last year was a 68. Do you think you can beat that? See you out on the course!

Tip of the week
I've noticed that golfers seem to be so obsessed with where the pinkie of the bottom hand goes, when taking their grip, that they end up sacrificing the correct position of the hands to make it fit. I'd rather you had a baseball grip with good hand position, than a great interlock or overlap grip with poor hand position. The grip has huge influence on accuracy... or lack thereof.

Are you gripping your club incorrectly? Come and see me or contact me to book an assessment.