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Welcome To Rondebosch Golf Club

Rondebosch Golf Club’s 18-hole course is rated as a ‘must-play’ amongst golfers. Situated only ten minutes from Cape Town’s city centre, with magnificent views of Devil’s Peak and Table Mountain, the course is a popular choice for local and foreign visitors. Since its establishment in 1911, the Club has built a solid tradition, which is upheld by its strong membership. Continued development and beautification has ensured that the course maintains its excellent condition all year round. It remains a challenge to the serious golfer, but is user friendly for the less experienced.

Rondebosch has hosted seven consecutive Sunshine Tour events, 2 professional ladies European Tour events and the South African Ladies Amateur Open. The river which winds through the course provides challenges to the players and is home to a variety of bird life; from cormorants and kingfishers to wild ducks, egrets and flamingos.

Next time you are in Cape Town, join us for a game at Rondebosch!

Our golf course is located minutes from Cape Town city centre. You can play the course 7 days a week.

Course Overview

Golf Course


Kikuyu fairways, always immaculately manicured, provide a superb shot-making surface and the golfer is always greeted with a green parkland effect. Superb drainage systems enable the course to offer a pleasant year round golfing experience. This parkland course has a distance of 6223m for men off the championship tees and 5197m for the ladies. The course carries a full 72 championship rating from the back tees, but a modest rating of 69 from club tees. The rough is kept relatively short and the few bunkers are well positioned with a firm surface.


The indigenous poa annua greens are rated the best year round greens in Cape Town. They are fairly small and contain subtle breaks, but always putt well. When the prevailing South Easter blows, they become a real challenge to the serious golfer.

Golf course 1
Hole 1
The opening hole is a short dogleg left. Use a fairway wood or long iron off the tee to leave yourself a short iron to the green. The ideal angle for your approach is from the right hand side of the fairway.
Golf course 2
Hole 2
Make sure you take enough club off the tee to reach this par 3 green as fickle winds not felt on the tee often make this hole play longer than its yardage.
Golf course 3
Hole 3
This par five is best played as a three shotter. Your second shot must find the fairway to ensure you are not blocked out by the trees.
Golf course 4
Hole 4
The stroke 1 is long and straight, and even the long hitters will likely have a long iron in to the green. For most, the best strategy is to play it as a three-shot par 4 and hope to get up and down for par.
Golf course 5
Hole 5
A well struck tee shot will comfortably clear the water. Take enough club for your second shot as there is some the dead ground between the front bunker and the green.
Golf course 6
Hole 6
This par 3 is played into the prevailing wind. The green looks deceptively small from the tee, but a well struck shot will hold this large green. Long and left is heavily penalized.
Golf course 7
Hole 7
With water left and right, the fairway must be found with your drive. The greenside bunkers guarding the right side of this large green are best avoided.
Golf course 8
Hole 8
A classic risk vs reward hole where long hitters can have a go for the green. The river is out of bounds but a tee shot aimed at the fairway bunker will leave a short- to mid-iron to a contoured green. Take enough club for your approach as thi
Golf course 9
Hole 9
This long par five is one of the toughest holes on the course. A good drive to the right of the fairway bunker will ensure your second can clear the river crossing the fairway. Shorter drivers may need to lay up short of the river and play this
Golf course 10
Hole 10
Accuracy off the tee is the key to this short par 4. The approach shot is uphill and enough club is needed to carry the front right green side bunker. Try to leave your approach below the hole as this hole slopes severely from back to front.
Golf course 11
Hole 11
Although usually played downwind, this long hole remains a challenging par four that many would do well to consider a three-shotter. Stay left with your second shot and use enough club to carry the steep slope at the front of the green.
Golf course 12
Hole 12
Swirling winds and a small green make this short par 3 a real test. Long and right is the safest miss, with the real trouble front and left.
Golf course 13
Hole 13
A wide fairway awaits your drive, but be sure to keep your ball on the fairway for the second and third shots to create a good scoring opportunity.
Golf course 14
Hole 14
Another short par four that gives you options off the tee. Aim down the left side of the fairway to ensure staying on this left-to-right sloped fairway. The trouble is all at the front of the green, so be sure to use enough club for your appr
Golf course 15
Hole 15
Beware the water hazard on the left which can not be seen from the tee. An accurate drive is needed to avoid the tunnel of trees leading to the fairway. The approach shot is to an elevated green and often requires up to three clubs more into
Golf course 16
Hole 16
A challenging downhill par 3 that is not to be missed long or right. Subtle and unexpected breaks are the expected on this undulating green.
Golf course 17
Hole 17
Your drive needs to be left of centre to set up your second shot for this par 5. Avoiding the right hand side of this dogleg-right hole sets up a good chance to reach the green in regulation. Into the prevailing wind, this is a testing par 5.
Golf course 18
Hole 18
With a large group of trees protecting the right, the ideal line is the left side of the fairway with your drive. It’s a long par 4 with no trouble around the green, so it is worth having a shot at the green. Two putts on this contoured green is a